Conflict of Interest


It is Pace Business Machines policy that employees and others acting on behalf of Pace Business Machines policy must be free from conflicts of interest that could adversely influence their judgment, objectivity or loyalty to the company in conducting the business activities and assignments. The company understands that employees may take part in legitimate financial, business, charitable and other activities outside their employment at Pace Business Machines. However, any potential conflict of interest raised by those activities must be disclosed promptly to management.

Understanding Conflict of Interest:
  • The management approval for outside activities is subject to ongoing review. Any involvement in any outside activities, financial interests and /or relationships must be reported to the management that heads you and be kept upto date.
  • Forming or maintaining personal relationships with other employees of Pace Business Machines are to be avoided. As in the event of relationships, there are high possibilities that unfair advantage of relationship or being given preferential treatment.
  • Actions or relationships that might result in conflicts or even appear to conflict with the job responsibilities or interests of Pace Business Machines are to be avoided.
  • The hint of a conflict of interest can damage the company’s interest.
  • It is necessary to obtain the essential approvals before accepting any position as an officer or director of an outside business concern.
  • In cases, wherein you are serving on the board of directors of a bona fide charitable, educational or other non-profit organization, you should advise your management and Pace Business Machines
What needs to be avoided:
  • Working with a business outside your responsibilities which is in competition with any Pace Business Machines.
  • Accepting a gift that does not meet the standards in the Pace Business Machines Business Gifts and Entertainment Policy.
  • Having a direct or indirect financial interest in or a financial relationship with a Pace Business Machines competitor, supplier or customer (except for insignificant stock interests in publicly-held companies).
  • Taking part in Pace Business Machines’s business decisions that involves any company that employs your spouse or family member.
  • Working somewhere other than Pace Business Machines, where the other employer is a direct or indirect competitor, distributor, supplier or customer of Pace Business Machines.
  • Having a second job or consulting relationship that affects your ability to perform satisfactorily at Pace Business Machines’s assignments.
  • Using non-public Pace Business Machines information for personal gain or advantage. Or, for the gain or advantage of another, including the purchase or sale of securities in businesses Pace Business Machines are interested in acquiring, selling or otherwise establishing, or terminating business relations with.
  • Investing in an outside business opportunity in which Pace Business Machines has an interest, except for having an insignificant stock interest in publicly-held companies.
  • Receiving personal discounts or other benefits from suppliers, service providers or customers which are not available to all employees of Pace Business Machines.
  • Accepting personal honoraria for services you perform that are closely related to your work at Pace Business Machines. Your supervisor should approve occasional honoraria like a university presentation or symposium.
  • Having romantic relationships with certain other employees, where there is an immediate reporting relationship between the employees. There is no direct reporting relationship between the employees but where a romantic relationship could cause others to lose confidence in the judgment or objectivity in either employee, or could cause embarrassment to the company.
Note: In some circumstances, romantic relationships between employees may raise compliance issues under the Pace Business Machines Harassment Policy.