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Ensure Peak Performance

Audit Services from PACE

Gain valuable insights into your network health and security with our comprehensive Audit Services,designed to identify improvement opportunities and enhance overall IT performance.

Identify inefficiencies, optimize operations, Powerful Audit Services from PACE

In today’s digital world, maintaining a secure and efficient IT infrastructure is crucial. However, hidden inefficiencies and vulnerabilities can lurk beneath the surface. At PACE, we offer a comprehensive suite of Audit Services designed to provide a thorough assessment of your network’s performance, security posture, and resource utilization. Our audits empower you to identify areas for improvement, optimize operations, and proactively address potential issues before they disrupt your business.

Our Audit Services

LAN Audits


Usage Audit

Evaluate how your network resources are being utilized, identifying potential bottlenecks and underutilized resources.


Performance Audit

Analyze your network performance, pinpointing areas for optimization to enhance speed, reliability, and user experience.


Connectivity Audit

Assess the overall health of your network connections, ensuring optimal data flow and minimizing downtime risks.


Network Optimum Audit

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your Local Area Network (LAN) to identify areas for optimization in configuration, resource allocation, and overall efficiency.

Security Audit


Security Loopholes

Identify and address vulnerabilities in your network security posture that could potentially be exploited by cyber attackers.


Security Patches

Assess the application of security patches on your network devices and software, ensuring your systems are up-to-date and protected against known threats.


Security on Network Devices

Evaluate the security configurations of your network devices (firewalls,routers, switches) to identify and address any potential weaknesses.


Security of Applications

Analyze the security posture of your applications, identifying vulnerabilities and recommending appropriate mitigation strategies.

WAN Audits


Effective Network Infrastructure

Assess the effectiveness of your Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure for supporting your current and future business needs.


Optimum Planning

Evaluate your WAN architecture for optimization opportunities, ensuring efficient data transfer across geographically dispersed locations.


Bandwidth Saving & Power Saving

Identify opportunities to optimize bandwidth usage and reduce power consumption within your WAN infrastructure.


Under Utilized Resources

Uncover underutilized resources within your WAN, allowing you to optimize resource allocation and potentially reduce costs.

Why Choose PACE for Your Audit Services?

Experienced & Certified Professionals

Our team of experienced and certified auditors possesses the expertise to conduct comprehensive and insightful network audits.

Customizable Audit Scopes

We tailor our audits to your specific needs and priorities, focusing on areas of greatest concern within your network environment.

Actionable Recommendations

We provide clear and actionable recommendations to address identified issues and optimize your network performance and security.

Detailed Reporting

Receive comprehensive audit reports that detail findings, recommendations, and prioritized action items.

Ongoing Support

Benefit from our ongoing support to assist you in implementing audit recommendations and maintaining a healthy network environment.

Ready to gain valuable insights into your network health and security?


Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of success in delivering reliable and effective managed services to businesses of all sizes.


Customized Solutions

We tailor our managed services to your specific IT infrastructure, needs, and budget.


Scalable & Flexible

Our solutions can scale to accommodate your growing IT environment and adapt to changing business requirements.


Team of Experts

Benefit from the expertise of our certified IT professionals who are passionate about providing exceptional service.


Single Point of Contact

Enjoy a streamlined experience with a dedicated account manager who oversees your entire managed service engagement.

Ready to gain valuable insights into your network health and security?

Contact PACE today for a free consultation and discover how our Audit Services can empower you to optimize your IT infrastructure and achieve peak performance.