CCTV Surveillance & Access Control Systems Solutions

The earliest systems required constant monitoring because there was no way to record and store the information. Recording systems were introduced later, when primitive reel-to-reel media was used to preserve the data. These systems required magnetic tapes to be changed manually. It was a time consuming, expensive and unreliable process; the operator had to manually thread the tape from the tape reel through the recorder onto an empty take-up reel. Due to these short-comings, video surveillance was rare.

This increased the use of CCTV and increased the savings of time and money.

Recently CCTV has been transformed by the shift towards internet-based products and systems, and other technological developments.


In the fields of physical security and information security, access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. The act of accessing may mean consuming, entering, or using. Permission to access a resource is called authorization.

Locks and login credentials are two analogous mechanisms of access control.


We offer:-

  • CCTV Surveillance System using DVR, NVR, IP Based Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Access Control Systems using Smart Cards and Biometric